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Blog: "Interdisciplinary research needs porosity", by Emily Woollen (March, 2023).

Blog written by Emily Woollen from the IAD (Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh) about the importance of porosity for interdisciplinarians when crossing sectors: industry, academia and others. Emily worked as an interdisciplinarian for many years and she is now an Academic Developer at the IAD.

Kavli Institute For Nanoscience Discovery

The Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery is a centre for interdisciplinary, collaborative research on nanoscience – the study of structures and materials on an ultra-small scale, leading scientific discovery into the most basic unit of life – the cell.  

Housed in shared, state-of-the-art facilities within the University of Oxford’s Science Area, is seeking to foster a culture of respect, kindness and curiosity.

Paul Davies

Paul trained in medicine and biophysics and has a strong interest in interdisciplinary science and the impact this can have on solving major scientific problems.

Ava Khamseh

Ava is a Lecturer in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence, joint between the School of Informatics and Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGC). Before taking up her current position, she was a Cross-Disciplinary Fellow (XDF) at IGC, and before that, she obtained her PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics. She hopes to help others from similar backgrounds and share (one version!) of the experience, positive and negative, in making the transition into biomedicine.

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