X-NET Recommendations Report

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The report Sweeping Away Barriers to Interdisciplinary Research highlights common career and funding barriers and offers recommendations to increase the retention and impact of interdisciplinary researchers in the UK.

This is an evidence-based report that represents a policy roadmap presented to funding bodies and policy makers with the aim of influencing improvements in working environments for interdisciplinary researchers, with particular focus on those in their early careers

X-Net workshops

X-Net facilitates workshops that focus on areas of interest for interdisciplinarians such as obstacles to crossing discisplines or industry and patient and public involvement (PPI).

X-Net Talks

X-Net Talks
X-Net organises a series of interviews with interdisciplinary researchers at different career stages, from very early career researchers to senior, well established group leaders. We discuss their particular journeys crossing disciplines, with the positives and the negatives intrinsic to this type of research, and their personal experiences.

Workshop Outcomes

We Are Writing A Roadmap About The Main Obstacles Faced By Interdisciplinarians

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A central goal for X-Net is writing an evidence based policy roadmap to highlight to UK funding bodies the career and funding roadblocks that cross-disciplinary researchers face in the current academic research environment. This document will offer general recommendations to increase the retention and impact of cross-disciplinary researchers in the UK biomedical landscape.

X-Net submitted a written contribution to The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee in response to a call for evidence concerning the delivery of a science and technology strategy because of the lack of skilled individuals for STEM related careers in UK.