PPI workshop: “Creating & Nurturing Diverse Teams for Effective Biomedical Science"

Location: Online
  • Questions  via mentimeter to encourage discussion and  capture data. 
  • Introduction/scene setting/funder context.
  • Examples of PPI impact (tangible rather than conceptual).
  • How much PPI is required and by whom?
  • Group work based around innovation examples: which involved NHS, industry, data science and academics to encourage discussion and sharing ideas of how to maximise PPI for the benefit of both patient partners and the projects.

Patients and the public always offer unique, invaluable insights. Their advice when designing, implementing and evaluating research makes studies more efficient, credible and often more cost efficient. The main objectives of this workshop are: 
* Exploring the benefits and barriers of interdisciplinary working.
* Academic research organisation: silos (disciplines).
* Do people work well or poorly in silos? Personal experiences.
* Removing obstacles: lessons science can learn from other sectors on how to work in teams with people from different backgrounds.